Coffee League

Climbing Co-op for parents with young children. (ages 1 month to 5 years)

Have you always wanted to try rock climbing(or get back into it), but can never find the time because you are blessed with kids? We have the solution for you!

Every TUESDAY morning, we open up the gym from 10am - 12pm and provide a safe and quiet atmosphere for you and your kids to come climb and hang out.

This is a great way to meet other active parents, as you must take turns watching each others kids (the co-op part).  We provide a staff member to make sure the kids are being looked after and we also have a staff member at the desk or on the floor for you convenience. Feel free to bring your friends to watch or help with the kids also!

Cost: $15 drop in rate and there is a $4 childminding fee for the 1st child and $2 charge for each additional child that you bring (ex:1 child = $4 or 2 children would be $6).  Please book ahead.

Mommie and me